Semisupine – the formal daily practice of Semisupine is something we recommend as time dedicated to being still (ideally 15 – 20 mins daily), yet wide awake, attentive, and engaged in schooling your intent.  There are a couple of times of day when you can very constructively extend this : when you first get into bed before going to sleep, and when you wake up but before getting out of bed. When you go to bed, lie on your back, head on pillow, knees raised, and give yourself a moment to come to neutral, and then review your directions – your intent to allow a free neck so that your whole torso can lengthen and fill out. This way you take a moment to “unkink” before sleeping, perhaps letting go of any disturbing thoughts in the process, and reviewing and recommitting to your intent for length and space as the last thought to take into sleep. On awaking, adopt the same position described above for a moment or two before arising, again setting your general intent for the day (free neck, length and space) and setting yourself on the right track from the first.  More