One-on-one Lessons


A first lesson is an opportunity for you to get first hand experience of the Alexander Technique, what a lesson is like, and a sense of the direction that further lessons should take you in.

The role of the Alexander teacher is to use gentle manual guidance to help unravel distortions and encourage postural support and breathing to work more efficiently. As well, the teacher uses verbal instruction to help students become aware of their own pattern of tension and how to deal with it for themselves.

Hence the work can be described as educative.

You may be asked to perform common movements like sitting or walking. Your teacher will give you verbal feedback and instruction as he or she uses his/her hands to gently guide you to an awareness of physical tensions, holding patterns or distortions that otherwise lie below the level of your conscious attention. You may also be asked to lie on a firm table, again while the teacher helps you to identify and release unhelpful holding patterns. Pupils find the process pleasant, calming and relaxing as well as informative. It is gentle and non-invasive.

On-going lessons follow a broadly similar pattern. Any activity of interest to you can be incorporated into a lesson; eg bending, walking, exercises, martial arts forms, horse-riding, playing a musical instrument, working at a computer, etc, etc.

If you are even just a little diligent in working on yourself in between lessons (and this need never be onerous), then functional improvement, improvements in ease of postural support, movement, breathing, poise and self-awareness and -control should inevitably follow.

Most people book an initial lesson where they can gain direct experience of the Technique and discuss their particular situation with a teacher. The initial lesson runs around one hour and the fee is $165.00. On-going lessons are 40 minutes in length and cost $110, or $95 if you are a tertiary student.

If you would like to meet us first, some group classes and occasional lecture / demonstrations may also available.


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