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Not So Certain – What Can We Learn From Each Other?

Bruce Fertman, charming man and terrific Alexander teacher, has written a piece called ‘Constructive Doubt’. I like what Bruce says, and I wanted to pick up on the word ‘rifts’ as I think this is an important issue in our AT community. Is the word ‘rifts’ helpful?...

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Understand How The Alexander Technique Can Help You

We often get asked questions about how the Alexander Technique (AT) can  help and how it relates both to effective pain management and to performing any skill better.  Below are some answers to give you more insight into the AT. 1. Why is it so hard to maintain good...

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Posture And Pain: Does Your Back Hurt?

We all know about the desirability of relaxation, flexibility, good posture and the absence of tension. Despite our best intentions, despite relaxation classes, fitness classes and Eastern disciplines, despite stretching exercises, posture exercises, taping and...

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Audio Guides

Anyone using these audio guides should benefit, if they take time and a thoughtful approach. For those who are having, or have had lessons in the Alexander Technique, these audio guide may help them to develop the skills to further their quality of inner integration and ease of movement.

Lying down

A daily “un-exercise” – a balanced resting position that helps you unwind and build your skill at maintaining your poise in any situation. Time spent lying in semi-supine is time dedicated to releasing unprofitable holding patterns, and promoting freer, easier...


A thorough and thoughtful meditation upon breathing.   Use this guide as an alternative to guided lying-down (semi-supine), or anytime at all to work on yourself.   You cannot learn the Alexander Technique from audio files! Good teaching plus time are needed to bring...


Stay comfortable, stress-free and productive: at your desk, in the car, or in any sitting application.  Play this track to help • get comfortable when sitting • avoid neck or back problems • avoid exacerbating existing conditions • stay centred, focussed and...

Mindfulness in Activity

A guide to keeping track of yourself, as you go about your daily activities - mindfulness in activity.   Anyone using these audio guides should benefit, if they take time and a thoughtful approach. For those who are having, or have had lessons in the Alexander...

Case Studies

Exercising with Good Form Over 50

I want to talk to you about graceful ageing, and active, healthy living. Applying good form to exercise and sport makes it fun and more enjoyable, and you can keep getting better. The AT helps you to do stuff better. I have been giving Alexander lessons to a man in...

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Chronic Back Pain

John G, a senior public servant in his 50’s, had chronic back pain. He had been to his GP, an orthopedic specialist, two physiotherapists and a Chinese-trained doctor. A cat scan had revealed two prolapsed discs. John had been particularly diligent with an...

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Chronic Neck Pain and Overuse Syndrome

Forty-six year-old Debra C started Alexander Technique lessons to see if it would help her chronic neck pain. She had bulging discs in her neck, and tenosynovitis extending back over three years. Debra learned to make links between her (controllable) habits of use of...

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Tip: Are You Paying Attention?

Last time we talked about the quality of your attention and asked, “Have you ever noticed the 2 typical modes in the way we use our attention?” In the one mode, discussed last time, we tend to be heavily and exclusively focused on a particular task, often to the...

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Tip: Paying Attention

In learning to use yourself better, ie, how to improve postural support, breathing and movement, paying some attention to how you do what you do is inescapable. How to pay attention? How do we remember to remember? The first thing is a decision that it is worthwhile...

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Creating Triggers for Good Use of Yourself

A common comment that we hear is about the challenge of “remembering to remember” – renewing one’s attention and attentiveness to oneself. Generally speaking, if we have undertaken to learn the Alexander Technique, ie learn to use ourselves better, with less strain,...

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