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Workplace Health and Safety – Injury prevention and management in the office

Back or neck pain, back injuries and even RSI all involve poor body use in daily activity. People unaware of their postural and movement habits can misuse even the best ergonomic furniture, and misuse the best ergonomic advice.

Musculo-skeletal injuries represented 64.6% of federal government
employee workers’ compensation claims.
How much will stress and injury cost your organisation this year?

Much workplace injury is preventable. Back pain, neck pain and
Occupational Overuse Syndrome (RSI) all involve poor body use in daily activity. Hours, weeks and years of passive compression can accrue into sudden acute pain, or settle into nagging chronic discomfort, and predispose to injury.

The real, on-going causes may be very difficult to diagnose, as the focus tends to be on the shorter-term getting out of pain, relieving other stress symptoms, or on purely ergonomic solutions.

No-one benefits from this outcome. Work may be disrupted, key staff may be absent, lengthy rehabilitation may be required, compensation claims may be made.

Programs can be directed towards clerical staff or managerial staff,
manual handlers, or other groupings. It is for those who are suffering from work-related injuries or stress disorders, and for those who wish to avoid such problems.

How much will stress and injury cost your organisation this year?

Fit for Work – Fit for Life! training has helped organisations to reduce insurance and other costs associated with stress and with injury in the workplace.


Fit for Work – Fit for Life!

Life! Training workshops are delivered in-house – we come to you.


  • is immediately applicable at work;
  • has a high practical content;
  • is designed as both a preventive and a rehabilitative package;
  • can help identify persons already at risk and help prevent their problems from escalating;
  • Each participant gets an individual workplace assessment.

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