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Exercising but getting injured?

Would you like to be able to perform your choice of exercise with efficiency and grace? Would you like to ensure good “form” whether in the gym, jogging, swimming, stretching, walking or even in martial art forms? Would you like to avoid strain on joints or other...

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Alexander Technique For Stress Management

“It’s great! It helps me keep working” B.L. – middle manager “It helps me to think more clearly” W.G. – senior public servant “I can control stress levels. It’s an immediate stress management technique” M.T. – mother and consultant What creates stress in us is the way...

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Sitting Without Strain in Your Office

Desk height, screen height, chair height, seat-tilt, back-rest, arms, mouse left or right, “ergonomic” keyboard, wrist support, lumbar support …. The variables go on and on. How do you get comfortable and stay functional and productive? Lets start from the beginning …...

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Audio Guides

Anyone using these audio guides should benefit, if they take time and a thoughtful approach. For those who are having, or have had lessons in the Alexander Technique, these audio guide may help them to develop the skills to further their quality of inner integration and ease of movement.

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Case Studies

Self-management – Rheumatoid Arthritis

Jackie M, a 47 year-old pharmacist, started Alexander Technique lessons hoping to reduce pain levels, especially in her neck. She had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 10 years. She found that she was indeed able to influence her pain levels and to be more...

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Neck and Shoulders

Recent research bears out our observations. When we did a survey a few years ago about what our pupils valued the most about their Alexander lessons, the top answer was “getting out of pain” and the second answer was “knowing how to stay out of pain or get pain-free...

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Postural Pain – Trying Too Hard

Bob is an IT expert, 36 years old, educated and well-travelled. He has suffered from chronic pain-inducing muscular tension for about 15 years. He has tried various approaches… all to little avail. I wondered whether he was approaching his situation from the wrong...

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Something we do not generally give much attention to (nor should we have to) is our breathing. Yet years of slumping or tension create restrictions in this most vital of functions. Your breathing reflects your habitual posture. Breathing regimes which don’t take this...

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Semisupine – the formal daily practice of Semisupine is something we recommend as time dedicated to being still (ideally 15 – 20 mins daily), yet wide awake, attentive, and engaged in schooling your intent.  There are a couple of times of day when you can very...

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Semi-Supine Active Rest – a Daily “Un-Exercise”

A period of lying down each day should be thought of as an invaluable adjunct to all the attention and constructive thought you can give your use of yourself during the rest of your day. Your most comprehensive guide to Semi-Supine is the “Practising Poise” CD. Lie on...

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Alexander Technique (

Run out of the USA, this site is a very comprehensive overview of the Alexander Technique, with all sorts of interesting content, including some great podcasts.

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