Ergonomics – A Lateral View

Why do we suffer aches, pains, injuries and stress despite the most up-to-date, expensive “ergonomic” furniture? Rather than looking at the problem from the outside, in terms of “good chairs”, the “right position”, or the “correct way to lift”, what about considering the internal aspects of how we organise our balance and co-ordination? The problems […]

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Effective Stretching

Why stretch at all? Don’t do it just because someone told you to; understand the goal and purpose of each and every stretch you do, and ensure that you are not inadvertently preventing the achievement of that goal. A pupil once showed me a stretch that he performed religiously after every running outing. It was […]

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Art of Skiing with the Alexander Technique

The Art of Skiing

As one beginner skier complained, “My brain understands the instructor’s directions, but my body won’t carry them out!”. Recognizing that the way we approach anything is going to affect the outcome, the Alexander Technique pays great attention to how we’re doing what we’re doing. Discovering that not “trying so hard” can mean not only learning […]

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Playing with Ease

For every musician who can perform at their best when they need to, how many fall by the wayside? How many show great potential but are unable to realise that potential due to pain, injuries, inconsistency, or not handling the demands? What if you had a generic model of movement that could help you to […]

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Sitting Without Strain

How do you get comfortable and stay functional and productive? If you can be comfortable, then you are more able to concentrate and be productive. Avoiding physical discomfort, also avoids a source of stress, since discomfort-tension demands energy and attention. Desk height, screen height, chair height, seat-tilt, back-rest, arms, mouse left or right, “ergonomic” keyboard, […]

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