Alexander Technique

Mindful movement, freedom in breathing, intelligent postural support

The Alexander Technique can help you reduce strain on your body and your being in the performance of everyday tasks as well as of special skills.  Find us in Canberra, A.C.T. where we are also Alexander Technique teacher-training specialists.

“I will forever be grateful for the powerful teachings of Michael and Léonie at Freedom in Action. You have helped me to give myself my life back! Learning the Alexander Technique has been a truly transformational experience and has put the power of healing back within ME! Gone are the daily, anxiety-producing headaches that plagued me for years and the dependence on ibuprofen for relief. Gone is my fear that I will someday be an old lady who can barely move and cannot pick up my grandchildren. Gone is the frustration of powerlessness to eliminate or  minimize the back, hip, and buttock pains.” Catherine Durney

Public servant

Michael and Léonie have helped thousands of people to overcome, mitigate and manage a range of common, and not so common back, neck and associated problems. They have a particular interest in problem-solving in workplace environments, with musicians and with sportspeople.

Exercising but getting injured?

Would you like to be able to perform your choice of exercise with efficiency and grace? Would you like to ensure good “form” whether in the gym, jogging, swimming, stretching, walking or even in martial art forms? Would you like to avoid strain on joints or other...

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Alexander Technique For Stress Management

“It’s great! It helps me keep working” B.L. – middle manager “It helps me to think more clearly” W.G. – senior public servant “I can control stress levels. It’s an immediate stress management technique” M.T. – mother and consultant What creates stress in us is the way...

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Sitting Without Strain in Your Office

Desk height, screen height, chair height, seat-tilt, back-rest, arms, mouse left or right, “ergonomic” keyboard, wrist support, lumbar support …. The variables go on and on. How do you get comfortable and stay functional and productive? Lets start from the beginning …...

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