Maj G Grey RMC Duntroon

Michael Stenning’s “Intro to Alexander Technique” was impressive. Initially establishing his bona fides as a professional practical musician was an integral step in winning my lot over, and he did that with ease.

He covered an enormous amount in one and half hours, but not so much it couldn’t be absorbed. His audience participation initiation was excellent and he personally involved a broad cross section of the members in his physical demonstrations.

With considered language and clearly consummate subject knowledge, Michael managed to educate even the most seasoned of players on methods of improvement.

He dispelled myths and made easy the concept of this commons sense approach to body use, to the extent he was flooded with follow up enquiries at the conclusion of the session.

Again, an excellent presentation. I can see many potential physical benefits from this, across the whole body, but more specifically for our line of work in the regions of posture, knees, lower back, neck and breathing. Nobody present would argue this could not have long term health benefits for everyone. …Any follow up periods with Michael, … we would be more than willing participants.

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