Catherine Durney, public servant

Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with neck sprain (thoracic and cervical).

…my osteopath suggested I might benefit from the Alexander Technique.  To my amazement, through the learning and practising of this technique I was able to control the pain in my neck to the point of elimination.  If the pain returned I would focus on my body use, and through applying the principles of the Alexander Technique I was able to control/eliminate the pain.

…I was eventually required to undertake a rehabilitation program to strengthen the muscles around my shoulders.

Without the level of awareness and understanding of how I used my body that the Alexander Technique provided, I believe that the rehabilitation program would have caused further pain, and possibly further damage to my neck, as the “pre-Alexander” poor patterns of body use (which were presumably associated with my symptoms) would have been exacerbated by the exercises undertaken in the program.  Before learning the Alexander Technique, I did not understand how to use, and not use, my body.  It is my firm belief that the Alexander Technique equipped me with the knowledge, experience and freedom to enable me to benefit from a strengthening/rehab program. The strengthening program I undertook significantly helped to address the pain and immobility associated with my shoulder bursitis, and the Alexander Technique enabled me to obtain maximum benefit from the program and to avoid further duress, and even injury.

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