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Voice and the Alexander Technique

The connections and interdependence of parts related to the voice are complex and multi-layered. The larynx is suspended from the skull in a cat’s cradle of muscle and ligament.  Thus head balance may affect the larynx, while the skull finds a balance on top of the...

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The Art of Skiing

The Art of Skiing As one beginner skier complained, “My brain understands the instructor’s directions, but my body won’t carry them out!”. Recognizing that the way we approach anything is going to affect the outcome, the Alexander Technique pays great attention to how...

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Exercising but getting injured?

Would you like to be able to perform your choice of exercise with efficiency and grace? Would you like to ensure good “form” whether in the gym, jogging, swimming, stretching, walking or even in martial art forms? Would you like to avoid strain on joints or other...

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Audio Guides

Anyone using these audio guides should benefit, if they take time and a thoughtful approach. For those who are having, or have had lessons in the Alexander Technique, these audio guide may help them to develop the skills to further their quality of inner integration and ease of movement.

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Case Studies


Alice is 35, has experienced chronic illness and felt that she did not breathe well. Many years ago F.M. Alexander, known as “The Breathing Man”, made the intriguing comment that, “there is no such thing as breathing as such”. Alice had been maintaining her posture...

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Sensation – How to regard it?

If we wish to improve habits of posture, movement, or breathing we can not rely exclusively on sensation! Sensation on its own is a dead end. If you think about it, it is clear that your habitual way of inhabiting yourself feels normal. Yet your characteristic norm...

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Run out of the USA, this site is a very comprehensive overview of the Alexander Technique, with all sorts of interesting content, including some great podcasts.

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