Case Study: Good use or more of the same old?

Georgia is a lady in her 40’s who had a sore neck and a recurrent back issue.

She had been managing it by seeing a physiotherapist, who massaged her and showed her some remedial exercises. However, the same underlying tension problem which was causing the neck and back pain was still there when she did the exercises. Unsurprisingly, the pain did not go away. Georgia was performing her exercises diligently, but she was inevitably and unavoidably performing them using her habitual (mal)co-ordination. While performing the exercises she was tensing up in all the same wrong ways that had caused the problem. Using the Alexander Technique, she learnt how to constructively change her movement pattern. We started with Georgia’s neck, learning about the correct relationship between head and torso, then moved onto the support that was available, but not being correctly accessed, from her back for her shoulders and neck.

Finally we looked at how Georgia could carry these “body-thinking” insights into everyday activities like sitting at work, or doing sport and leisure activities, including walking or gardening. Georgia’s pain issues rapidly resolved. Furthermore, in better movement/use of herself, she has a resource to use for all of life, and she does not need to do the remedial exercises.

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