Alexander Technique teacher training in Canberra

Alexander Technique teacher training is now available in Canberra. We have been running since October 2016 . This is a training program approved by the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and it is non-standard in format.  As well as aiming to train Alexander teachers we are aiming to test a method of training that lies outside the usual guidelines in one principal regard.
We have a higher than normal ratio of teachers to trainees, trainees receive more than the normal amount of one on one instruction, the course program is highly structured with carefully devised content aimed at a logical progression to the acquisition of all necessary skills . The lower than normal total contact hours are complemented by students’ formal external practice time working on themselves. The course enjoys at least one moderation visit per year from an external, independent senior teacher. The moderator’s role is to validate students progress and/or to highlight any deficiencies.  Visitors are always welcome.

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