Workplace Health and Safety – Injury prevention and management in the office

Intended Participants

“You translate everything, whether physical or mental or spiritual,
into muscular tension” 
F.M. Alexander

Programs can be directed towards clerical staff or managerial staff, manual handlers, or other groupings. It is for those who are suffering from work-related injuries or stress disorders, or for those who wish to avoid such problems.


Fit for Work – Fit for Life! Training workshops are delivered by Michael Stenning and team, in Canberra and interstate.


  • is practical, involving a hands-on approach and a mixture of group and individual tuition;
  • is immediately applicable at work, as well as in home or leisure activities; and
  • is immensely relevant to desk-based or screen- based work.
  • has a high practical content;
  • is designed as both a preventive and a rehabilitative package;
  • can help identify persons already at risk and help prevent their problems from escalating; and
  • is intended for clerical or managerial staff, manual handlers, preventively or as part of rehabilitation support.

Timing Details

A typical training is a two-day program normally spread over five sessions. This allows maximum assimilation of new information. Participants (7 – 8 per course) can try out new skills at their work with the opportunity for further correction and refinement. If this format does not suit your organisation, we can tailor the details. Please ask us. Follow-up programs are also available. For more details, please contact us.


The need for, and efficacy of early intervention and preventive Training has become clear during more than twenty years’ experience as a rehabilitation provider, providing help with rehabilitation for people with work-related injuries, principally R.S.I.-type injuries, back and neck problems, and stress-related disorders.The programmes are based on the week-long intensive approach used very successfully with sports people. The roots lie in the popular courses run over many years for the Occupational Health and Safety Unit at the Australian National University.

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