Alexander Technique Classes

Alexander Technique Classes in Canberra

On-going Classes: Small groups (max 5) are at 5.30 on Tuesdays in O’Connor, twice monthly. For anyone who has had lessons, this is a great way of staying motivated and of deepening your practice. Currently in abeyance, Enquiries 6249 8582

Lessons in activity: Private lessons can always be arranged around a particular situation or activity, eg at your workplace, at the gym, or in the horse-riding arena, etc. If you have been getting stuck in some particular activity and want help to work on and move past the difficulty, please ring 6249 8582 to arrange such a lesson or email us.

Intensive Program: Contact us for details of the next program, 6249 8582

Eyebody: Eyebody applies principles developed by F. M. Alexander to the Grunwald EyeBody Patterns® in conjunction with the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement. For anyone interested in natural vision improvement, the relationship between brain, eyes and body and how to change visual habits in daily life. Private lessons in Feb 2016. Space will be limited, so please contact us asap if you are interested.  Enquiries 6249 8582 or email us. More info at