Posture And Pain: Does Your Back Hurt?

We all know about the desirability of relaxation, flexibility, good posture and the absence of tension. Despite our best intentions, despite relaxation classes, fitness classes and Eastern disciplines, despite stretching exercises, posture exercises, taping and Californian know-how, we’re still tense and uncomfortable in our bodies, with aching backs, sore necks, stiff shoulders, injuries and named […]

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Josie-walking without pain

Exercising but getting injured?

Would you like to be able to perform your choice of exercise with efficiency and grace? Would you like to ensure good “form” whether in the gym, jogging, swimming, stretching, walking or even in martial art forms? Would you like to avoid strain on joints or other tissue when you exercise? What have summer and […]

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Occupational Overuse Injuries

We all know about the desirability of good posture, of flexibility, relaxation, and the absence of tension. Yet, despite the considerable attention given to the externals, ergonomic chairs, stretching exercises, “correct” posture, stress management techniques, etc., we are still tense and uncomfortable in our bodies, susceptible to stress, and often suffer miscellaneous aches and pains. […]

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Sitting Without Strain in Your Office

Desk height, screen height, chair height, seat-tilt, back-rest, arms, mouse left or right, “ergonomic” keyboard, wrist support, lumbar support …. The variables go on and on. How do you get comfortable and stay functional and productive? Lets start from the beginning … If you can be comfortable, then you are more able to concentrate and […]

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Alexander Technique For Stress Management

“It’s great! It helps me keep working” B.L. – middle manager “It helps me to think more clearly” W.G. – senior public servant “I can control stress levels. It’s an immediate stress management technique” M.T. – mother and consultant What creates stress in us is the way we respond to a situation, not the situation […]

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