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Pain relief for life

  Does your back or neck hurt? What information are we missing? It should not have to be this way! If it’s aging, the passage of time, why doesn’t everyone over a certain age have these problems? And why do some very young people, in their 20’s and teens even, have these problems? Why do some […]

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Josie-walking without pain

Voice and the Alexander Technique

The connections and interdependence of parts related to the voice are complex and multi-layered. The larynx is suspended from the skull in a cat’s cradle of muscle and ligament.  Thus head balance may affect the larynx, while the skull finds a balance on top of the occipital condyles, potentially affected by a multiplicity of forces: […]

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Exercising Health

What have Olympic marathon runners, hammer throwers, rowers, elite equestrians including Australian Olympian Mary Hannah and the entire British team, multi-disciplinarian Daley Thomson and many others in common? They have all used the Alexander Technique to improve breathing, ease of movement, balance, dealing with stress, or injuries. Alexander is a “must” for all competing athletes […]

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Retained Primitive Reflexes and the Alexander Technique

Why do some people find it hard to apply the Alexander Technique? With some pupils, it’s really as if the spirit were willing but the flesh is weak. They might be able to use themselves very well as long as they give their use 100% attention, but as soon as the demand goes up a […]

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Understand How The Alexander Technique Can Help You

We often get asked questions about how the Alexander Technique (AT) can  help and how it relates both to effective pain management and to performing any skill better.  Below are some answers to give you more insight into the AT. 1. Why is it so hard to maintain good posture? Have you ever stopped to […]

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